2023 Economic Survival Hangs On Restructuring – Okotie

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By Our Reporter

Former Presidential candidate and interim government campaigner,Rev Chris Okotie has warned that Nigeria’s future is guaranteed only when the country is restructured.
In continuation of his interim government campaign which he began in 2019, Okotie said that for Nigeria to overcome the 2023 global economic headwinds predicted by experts, the country would need strong governance structures and a stable polity which are absent in the present constitution .
The cleric said,in his New year message released by his media adviser,Ladi Ayodeji in Lagos during the week that unless his Aboriginal Democracy proposition is adopted, the country could flounder under a severe socio-political and economic crisis.
Okotie observed that, given the fact that 80 percent of our income is used to service our current debt of77 trillion Naira, against a backdrop of a bloated bureaucracy, the country has no choice under the current constitution than to keep borrowing to run the country.
He said,in the light of this reality,a new constitution is required to deal with all the existential problems in all spheres of our national life, which is why Aboriginal Democracy is recommended.
Okotie expressed concern that the IMF has warned that one third of the world, including Nigeria would be in recession this year.
He urged his congregation at his church, during the New year service to pray for the peace and prosperity of Nigeria.
‘Every member of this church should continue to set aside a few hours to pray for Nigeria because the Household of God was set up to play a pivotal role in the destiny of this country, that’s why I am involved in the political process,’he said.