How DNA revealed my first son was not mine – Heartbroken man

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My name is Henry Okuna. Please read below my ordeal with my mistress Juliet Oberu.

“Our intimate relationship started in 2015 when I met her, few months into the relationship, she notified me that she was pregnant for me, the news greeted me with joy knowing fully well that fatherhood is on its way for me as i welcome the development with happiness.

“After she informed me of the pregnancy, I asked her to come into my apartment to stay with me in Ughelli, she gave birth to a baby boy, I did all a man is supposed to do, took care of the baby, took care of her and our living together began.

🔹The family when the going was good
“Within 2015 to 2023, we lived together and during this period, we had another two kids( girls) together, making all the children three, a boy and two girls. Surprisingly, a time came whenever I return home, I noticed funny attitude between my mistress and my eight years old child(boy), she uses eye signals to talk to the child, signs and other funny behaviors like whispering in my child’s ear began to occur. I never knew something is already fishing.

“Sometime ago, I took the three kids to my mum’s place, that very day , my mum had a dream, she called me and told me something sh0cking that she had a revelation in her dream, that in the revelation, she was told that i was having only two children and not three, that the two girls are her son’s children but the boy isn’t for her son.

🔹Henry with his legitimate daughters
“In the revelation, she said the two kids( girls) were placing their hands on her chest but the boy was behind before she woke up from the dream.

‘Hearing this from my mum, I vehemently rebukê d my mum, dismissed the news coming from her. Eight years of relationship counting, and last year, the greatest devastating news ever in my life came knocking.

“A certain guy was going round, reaching out to my mistress that he need his child and that another man will not take what rightfully belongs to him. I was hanging out on a good day when someone jokingly said while having table discussion with his friends pointing at me that the guy over there is the one with the woman that gave their friend the first child i claim to be my own.

“At this point, I became logical and curious, flashing back to what my mother told me. I lost balance immediately. When I got home that very day, I called her to ask and she wasn’t straight in giving me any answer. At this point I became furious because I never imagined it.

“Quickly, I opted for a DNA to ascertain the paternity of my son, We both went to Celia clinic in Ughelli to conduct the test, behold the DNA test result came out NEGATIVE, Ooh I cried and became frustrated at this point.

“This woman came into my house with someone’s else’s pregnancy, threw the pregnancy at me claiming I was responsible for our first child. I must say, that Juliet Oberu is an ev!!il woman that can k!!ill a man.

“As I speak, the whole truth is out, she is now going round spoiling my reputation that she told me and I accepted the pregnancy of another man, of which at no time did she even mention it for over eight years. she said she was pregnant for me and I accepted the pregnancy because I felt it’s my own for the fact that I am already having intimacy with her. Our first child is for the man she was dating before she met me.

“After eight (8) solid years, the truth came out. This is really inhumane of a woman. What surprises me most is that, her family was aware of these whole secret but they all kept it to themselves forgetting lies has expiring date, a date where truth will prevail.

“Juliet Oberu is a dè vil, She is more than jezebel, a woman who can k! ll any man she come across. Anyone who knows her should take not that, we are no longer together, we have gone our separate ways. I am making this public statement for the world to know how wicked some women could be.

“Juliet Oberu my estranged mistress was having extra affairs outside even while she was with me in my home. Please let the public take note and if you know her, this is what she was capable of doing.

“As Regard the first child, the general public should kindly disregard any rumour that am aware that she brought in another man’s pregnancy for me to father, I am not aware.”