The Immaculate Birth of the Unborn Part

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By Prof. Nathan Protus Uzorma

There is something about truth that makes it more interesting than fiction. Truth is undying and very axiomatic that the only way to destroy it is to define it. If one defines truth, he limits it.

This article is but an attempt to re-examine the cosmic cycle associated with the spiritual indaba of Christ in this era. I must confess hitherto that the Christian concept of ‘Immaculate Conception’ has been a controversial issue in every aspects of human history. In the history of Religion, it has taken different dimension to the extent that those who propagated it later doubted and negated it. They knew it in the temple of silence where truth and words were symbolically situated; but when asked to explain what they know, their lips were moved but sounds were not heard. This is the paradox of higher life and the indivisible nature of tripartite reality of divine consciousness.

How could the unborn be born into the sphere of matter, energy, space and time? Reading this is the movement of the lips and not hearing sound is the reason why the most difficult thing shouldn’t be understood by inordinate and immoderate corporal beings. The Psalmist attests to this thus, “Deep calls unto deep…” Ps. 42:7.  To understand this therefore, one needs to seek divine guidance against falsehood and other related pseudo philosophical sciences and knowledge that gives credit to error and ignorance.

To appreciate the above, one should know that he who learns the rules of wisdom without conforming to them in any way is as the same as one who ploughs in his field but does not sow at all. In the words of William Cowper, “Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much; wisdom is humble that he knows not more.” Those who are proud to have acquired knowledge of divinity that ended up doubting the Immaculate Conception of Christ in his first advent, lack the propensity of wisdom that desires to learn in humility.

Immaculate Conception is the Roman Catholic dogma that asserts that Mary the mother of Jesus Christ was preserved free from what theology referrers to as “Original Sin” from the first instant of her conception. This has been argued by some Orthodox theologians that reject the Immaculate Conception of Mary on the ground that Mary cannot be exonerated from Original Sin. They contend that Mary shared from the ontological (Adamic) nature which made her a sinner too. Though this aspect of discussion does not attract my maximum interest in this context as the load and burden given to me by this article is certainly not heavier than my academic shoulders.

I wish to accentuate here that Mary whose bowel was used by the Supreme Father to launch the Messiah-the Christ into the physical system of reality for the salvation of mankind among other major other things fulfilled her assignment by cosmic cycle of birth and rebirth. Mary was a virgin and was prepared for that purpose, ancient history of Mariology revealed that Mary was a bird in the Holy temple and during her dedication in the ancient temple; strange things happened that authenticated the fact that she was a star cum divine being set apart as at that time for such great and divine assignment.

In Christ first advent, He entered the womb of Mary and became the divine logos which John spoke about. Christ, the born but unborn king, as a human God was from the beginning with the father (unborn). The Bible says,” In the beginning was the word (logos) and the logos (word) was with God, and the logos was God” John 1:1. From the forgoing, it is evident that the authors of the four gospels take off from where the first book of the Bible, Genesis took off, “In the beginning,” however; none of them was able to tell the beginning of what? In the beginning of all things Christ the logo was, this simply means that He did not begin like us who began in time. He always was! Yes, Christ is, was and is forever God.

 Logos is a Greek word meaning word, speech, and utterance. Derivative of the Greek verb legein, logos essentially means any word uttered with profound meaning, with significance, a speech that conveys a massage. Here the writer personalizes it, to the extent of taking up the image of person who is spoken of, and in which speech, action takes place. The logos of John 1:1 is the same logos in Genesis 1:1.

Martin Heidegger gave a profound philosophical cum hermeneutical approach to the term, from the ancient Greece and states that logos meant more than just a word or utterance. He pointed out that logos has more expansive meaning of revealing, manifesting, unveiling and developing. Here logos become the revelation of truth as Christ authenticated that He is the truth. John 14:16.When we relates the above to the CHRIST, it follows that (the logos) was one form the beginning with, and who is God, is hitherto revealed to us in the (anthropomorphic) incarnation as the word of, and the person of the human God. The Bible confirms this thus,” For in Him (the logos) dwells all the fullness of the God head bodily” Col 2:9. Christ therefore, is a historical person (human being), as a human God, He has a history because he was born of a woman as the word made flesh that dwell among us John 1:14. 

The unborn became human that we may become gods in Him. The aspect of his divine incipient being in his first advent became multifarious and multidimensional to the extent that it is hitherto commercialized. However, his divine nature in all aspects is intact as they interact homogeneously accordingly, in accordance with the concomitant law of consciousness.

He came as a man via the womb of HIS chosen divine vessel being part of his already reserved incipient being at the point when in divine esoteric history; there is no dichotomy between man and woman. This must be argued by those who have limited themselves by credo of religion and not by the immensity or enormity of spirituality.  

 In His second advent, at dazzling  glance, history repeated itself to the extent that the way and manner the King of Kings and Lord of Lords hitherto hiding in the midst of sheep and goats manifested into the sphere of human nature and caused internal rapture into the physical system of reality at midnight is scientifically unimaginable and inconceivable.  Yes, his advent caused the midnight rapture in the Etheric realm into the physical hence there came a shift and wobbling in the spiritual axis closer to the hidden ladder that controls the East, West, North and South of the material universe. The shift brought all spirits man and woman, good and bad together to work for a time until the period of separation.  

 We are in the period of separation, the time in which that which belongs to you shall be taken away and be given to another, the time in which two shall be in one bed and one will be taken and the other shall be left in pain and agony. The time that the antichrist shall preach the message of silent and his voice shall be heard in the wireless box. The time that the goat shall not be afraid of engaging in a single cage fight with the Lion. The time that the moon shall become humans and the sun sings great doxology to the divine while on its duty.

Those who shall be afraid of these unfolding catastrophes should by this announcement know that the end has ended in the middle of a new beginning and the voice of great and mighty spirits have become the voice of men. Though, inside the mighty oceans of creation, lies the hidden wealth of awaited matrimony and victory. Do not judge this piece by what you claimed to have known in your voyage of life, but endeavour to understand patiently that the ultimate voice of wisdom is the dome of understanding.

I’m very much aware of the common but uncommon fact that nobody can contradict nature not even those who perform psychic marvel-miracle. Nature is organized in a way that even the divine obeys it most time while relating to humanity. It is the will of nature that nobody comes into the physical system of reality in corporal form without birth; not even the creator. On this note, therefore, I wish to inform my readers here that God can chose to die if he so desires and can as well chose to live beyond death if he so wishes. Both life and death are corresponding energies and or propensities of his right in every realm of existence.   

There is only one way of coming or descending into the physical world, it must be through birth.  The king of kings and the Lord of Lords is the product of spoken word of the Supreme Father. The Father has refused to adjust his primordial plans to suit the ignoble sequence of the credo of the church. Yes, the divine cannot change his prearranged and destined programmes for humanity as a result of the foolishness of man’s creed.