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How Qatar is Conspiring Against Her Citizens: An SOS

By Al Thani Human Rights

When will everyone realize the detrimental effects that Qatar’s Corrupted Authorities have caused towards their own citizens and the citizens of the World?

Qatar is a peaceful country, it was overtaken by a group of individuals who conspired against their own citizens, commanded by Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned, an individual who has profound hatred towards Al Thani’s ruling. She conspired and enticed Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani to marry her, although her father was in exile because of his indifferences with Sheikh Hamad’s father, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Hamad Al Thani, nevertheless she found a way back to Qatar through the feeble heart of Sheikh Hamad, such a weak hearted individual who was easily manipulated by her to overthrow his own father in 1995, and handover the entire country to her and her conspiring group of individuals who are invested to destroy and cause chaos in the region.

Her adoration for power, lead her to a point where she is willing to spare lives to maintain her position, such that she was willing to deal with any mischievous sprite to attain her goal.

With that, started a journey of despair for many in Qatar and around the world.

In Qatar, several individuals and tribes were detained, tortured, exiled, and enforced to succumb to her demands, or else they would face an entire lifetime of sequential anguish and suffering. Whereby she would detain individuals subjecting them to cruel and unusual punishments, gradually induce toxic compound into their bodies to render their bodies manifesting several sicknesses, making them weaker with time, until they are unable to fight anymore.

Throughout those years of power control, Sheikha Mozah has prolonged the effect of her control by handing over her husband’s power to her son, although she was also able to surpass the eldest of her husband’s male heirs from his first wife to her children promptly, yet again through a tactical approach whereby she would create an unpleasant environment around anyone who dares to threaten her position.

Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned has exhibited some of her traits as being a Malignat Narcissists, whereby benign comments or constructive criticism threatens her fragile self-esteem which triggers the engulfed anger within her. As many researchers in the world would indicate that the signs and symptoms of a Malignant Narcissist is:

They are preoccupied with fantasies about beauty, brilliance, success, and power, of which Sheikha Mozah has clearly exhibited such fantasies, love for brilliance, success, and power to the world where she has portrayed herself as the modern woman of the Gulf, but the truth is far beyond that, she has changed who she was and portrayed herself as someone she is not and can never be.

Individuals that are unable to handle criticism, tend to lash out if they are slighted, likely to take advantage of others to get what they want, of which such is reflected upon every action she took against her own citizens who were detained, exiled, and tortured.

Overly concerned about their appearance, always seeking to be treated as a superior, lack of empathy to others, inflated sense of self, having no remorse for hurting others, further evidence that she is a Malignant Narcissist as she has led several countries to chaos and despair, through her continuous financing of extremism and terrorism in the world, infiltrating these viruses into several countries, causing symptoms of internal damages that are beyond reparation.

Having an attitude of deserving the best of everything, one of the last signs of her character, whereby she truly believes she is above all and beyond the world, she believes she can own anything and do anything, no matter the price, no matter the consequences, no matter what the world says, she believes she can have anything she wants. Substantial evidence of such approach is recorded in the world, whereby she seeks to own anything that is known as landmark for countries like the United Kingdom when purchased Harrods and several other assets, in France when purchased their largest national PSG club, and against the world when they enforced the decision of the FIFA 2022 hosting to be in Qatar, such decision that was enticed through several corrupted channels. Such preconception that she can have anything she wishes for extended itself in her plans whereby she is nominating herself for the next “Nobel Peace Prize”. A price that cannot be given to a Malignant Narcissist.



What she has done over the past 26 years and more may not be easily traced back to her as she uses several steppingstones that she throws into the world, such steppingstones that have elevated her in her corrupted ways and assisted her in obtaining all that she seeks. The only way to link all these facts and corrupted acts back to her, is to make the direct causal link of all these events by the day they have occurred and everyone will realize that either the attorney general, foreign minister, or anyone that conspires with her has visited that country days before the events have occurred in those countries or to the least they have previously infiltrated Al Jazeera or Qatar Charity into these countries to expedite their process, such by creating internal conflicts and oppositions in these countries through their facilitated financing of extremism and terrorism through these entities.

Today, she is still imposing her control internally and externally, whereby internally she is detaining and placing travel bans on several individuals that cause any threat to her agenda, whereby she thinks that she is misleading the world with the proposed Shura Council. A council that many already know that has been placed only to please the international community into believing that there is democracy in Qatar, whereas at the same time, no one is allowed to object, no political parties allowed, migrant workers detained if sending messages to Human Rights organizations, detaining Qataris and placing travel bans on them to prevent them from seeking help from abroad, strip searching individuals at the airport, preventing justice for parents of burned children in malls because one of her son’ owns the mall and many more.

Externally, she is bidding off countries as if it is piece of lands owned by her, similarly in her biddings that occurred in Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt and now in Afghanistan. Whereby she had the world believe that Qatar is standing by to assist the world in evacuating the helpless from Afghanistan and have the world send praises and gratitude for their assistance. Although it is evident to the world that Al Jazeera which obtains its direct orders from Sheikha Mozah was the only news agency covering the chaos in Afghanistan, fortunate enough it is the same news agency that was covering all chaos in the region, starting from their exclusive coverage of one-to-one interview with Bin laden until all the unrest in the region, always Al Jazeera in the forefront to air to the world the news.

In Afghanistan, they wanted to be the exclusive cover that prevents the world to see what happened in Afghanistan, how many people actually died or how many perished during the takeover of the Taliban’, who fortunately enough had a representative office in Qatar like several other extremists and terrorists’ groups in the world, they all coincidently happened to have their representation offices in Qatar or conduct their mediation meetings there.

Now they are calling the world to accept and legitimize Taliban, informing the world that Taliban are going to establish a fair government and that the world should support that, by allowing Afghans to remain in their country and to legitimize the Taliban’ as to enable Qatar (Sheikha Mozah) to benefit from the lucrative sources in Afghanistan, whereas such will not be possible if Taliban are not legitimized and the world placing restrictions on Afghanistan.

Everyone should think and decide for themselves, do they truly agree and believe that Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser is a normal individual or is she truly a Dictator, Tyrant, Kleptocrat, Oppressor and a Malignant Narcissist.

She has used and exploited the benefits of her own country and every country she was able to infiltrate, she has used children by radicalizing them towards her agenda under the pretense that she is educating a generation of helpless nations, whereas she was propagating a culture of extremism and terrorism in every corner of the globe.

In this we call upon all Leaders of the World, All Human Rights Organizations, All Citizens of the world, to investigate what is being stated and to verify whether such ongoing actions have any effect in your countries today or tomorrow. Actions that are camouflaged behind her charities, investment firms, news agencies like Al Jazeera and several others, schools, universities, Islamic centers that are spread out across Europe, US and the World, through her infiltrated presence at the United Nations and many more.

We seek to inform the world to beware of these acts, to prepare yourselves to defend your nations against such malicious actions that have been instigated by Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned, a Narcissistic Tyrant.








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