NIMC, urges collaboration with Online Media for ID4D project

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By Divine Ihechimerem

The Director-General and CEO of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Engr. Abisoye Coker Odusote, has urged online publishers to support the commission’s Digital ID4D project.
She spoke in Lagos at a gathering of online publishers at a two-day roundtable event, where she emphasizing the need for a robust partnership between NIMC and the online media landscape.
Represented by Dr. Alvan Okoku, she said the collaboration is aimed at enhancing accurate information dissemination and combating misinformation.
Engr. Odusote highlighted the significant influence of online media in the digital age, particularly among the youth, and the dual role it plays in both spreading information and sometimes, unfortunately, misinformation.
She said this can impact the reputation and trust in organizations like the NIMC. “Our focus today is to address the dual role of online publishing as key partners in disseminating accurate information and as potential sources of misinformation,” he stated.

The roundtable is designed to create a platform where NIMC can directly communicate its activities, achievements, and objectives to online publishers, fostering clear communication and mutual understanding.
Engr. Odusote outlined the ambitious yet crucial mandate of the NIMC, which requires strategic communication and effective mobilization of citizens. She underscored the commission’s commitment to transparency and accountability through robust mechanisms for participation and grievance management.

“Our grievance request systems include a centralized grievance register, a contact center, and multiple channels for submitting complaints. This system ensures that queries are addressed promptly, problems with implementation are resolved efficiently, and complaints from ecosystem partners are effectively managed,” she explained.

Engr. Odusote reiterated NIMC’s commitment to complying with data protection laws and ensuring the highest standards of data security. She expressed gratitude to the online publishers for their support and emphasized the need for continued collaboration to maintain professionalism and ethical standards.

The roundtable also aimed to provide publishers with comprehensive insights into NIMC’s operations, reforms, technical infrastructure upgrades, success stories, and future plans. Engr. Odusote called on publishers to use their platforms to educate the public about the benefits of a robust national identity management system.

Addressing the challenges and potential misconceptions about NIMC’s activities, Engr. Odusote said: ‘We hope to establish a relationship that will help prevent misinformation and clear any existing misconceptions, thereby maintaining public trust.”

The event also focused on the upcoming national identity ecosystem enrollment exercise, emphasizing the crucial role of online publishers in this national effort. Engr. Odusote stressed the importance of inclusive strategies to ensure that all citizens, including those in rural areas, persons with disabilities, women, children, and the elderly, are adequately covered in Nigeria’s identity project.

She thanked President Bola Tinubu for his inspirational leadership and the Nigerian Digital ID4D project for its support. He reaffirmed NIMC’s dedication to achieving Sustainable Development Goal 16.9, ensuring that everyone has a form of identity by 2030.

“Let us embark on this journey together with a shared vision and commitment to excellence,” she said, urging publishers to balance their business interests with social responsibility and ethical standards.

The roundtable marks a step towards a collaborative future, aiming to enhance the visibility, trust, and goodwill of NIMC through a mutually beneficial relationship with the online media.