Nigerians are suffering do something, Bishop Kukah Tells Tinubu

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By Our Reporter

Nigerians are experiencing hardship,
Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah has told President Buhari.

Kukah urged President Bola Tinubu to engage with the public about the timeline for the fruition of his policies. Kukah emphasized that while the suffering was unintended, it stemmed from policy decisions that, with time, could benefit the populace. He conveyed these sentiments following a meeting with Tinubu at the Presidential Villa, stressing the need for national cohesion and acknowledging the challenges facing the country. Regarding Tinubu’s first year in office, Kukah suggested that assessing his administration would require more time, but emphasized the importance of effective communication from the government to manage public expectations. Additionally, Kukah commented on the political turmoil in Rivers State, emphasizing that despite the upheaval, politicians have the ability to resolve their disputes, and he expressed hope for the state’s swift recovery.

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