Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Grants Operational Licenses to Private Guard Companies

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The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has taken a significant step towards enhancing national security by issuing operational licenses to 44 new Private Guard Companies (PGCs). In a distribution ceremony held at the NSCDC National headquarters in Abuja, the Commandant General, Dr Ahmed Abubakar Audi, stressed the non-negotiable nature of national security and urged the licensed PGCs to remain vigilant while discharging their duties. The licensing process aims to streamline training, ensure adherence to standardized procedures, and foster cooperation between the NSCDC and the PGCs to bolster security efforts in the country.

Promoting National Security:
CC Olusola Odumosu, the spokesperson for the NSCDC, highlighted the distribution of operational licenses to the PGCs as a crucial step in strengthening national security. The Commandant General emphasized the need for heightened vigilance during a time when the country faces threats to its unity and peace. He urged the PGCs to provide the NSCDC with information on suspicious activities and implement control measures in advance of the arrival of government security agencies.

Importance of Licensing and Training:
Dr Ahmed Abubakar Audi stressed the significance of licensing for PGCs and warned that unlicensed companies would face legal consequences for employing and deploying unlicensed guards. The newly licensed PGCs are transitioning into a system where guards will undergo uniform training, regardless of their company or location in Nigeria. Guards must be trained and certified at NSCDC colleges or accredited training centers before deployment. The Commandant General highlighted the importance of adherence to the training curriculum and regulations, as the PGCs’ performance will determine their level of recognition and relationship with the NSCDC.

Maintaining Integrity and Collaboration:
The CG urged the newly licensed PGCs to uphold high integrity and serve as ambassadors of the NSCDC. He emphasized that deviations from the established standards would result in serious consequences. In response, Col Ali Sule Yakasai (rtd), representing the licensed operators, assured the NSCDC of their commitment to operate within the confines of the law. He pledged their loyalty and cooperation, affirming their dedication to working collaboratively with the NSCDC to enhance Nigeria’s security.

The issuance of operational licenses to 44 Private Guard Companies by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps marks an important milestone in strengthening national security. The licensing process aims to promote uniform training, adherence to regulations, and cooperation between the NSCDC and the PGCs. By prioritizing vigilance, integrity, and collaboration, these newly licensed PGCs can play a crucial role in complementing government security agencies and improving security across Nigeria.