Keys To A Better Nigeria In Our Hands- Pastor Okotie 

The atmosphere at the Household Of God Church, Oregun, Ikeja, Sunday, was excitingly infectious.What with smiles of obvious joy and happiness on the faces of members of the large congregation.

The special church service, was ostensibly, to celebrate Nigeria’s 62 Independence day anniversary and truly, it was a celebration of God’s infinite mercies on the people of Nigeria. 

It was a carnival-like Church service with endless music and dance of worship and praises, in supplications to God for His blessings and mercies by the congregation of grateful members. 

The arrival of Pastor Chris Okotie, the Founder and Spiritual leader of the Household Of God Church, truly charged the atmosphere in the church to frenzy heights and it became turbo-charged when he started taking the congregation through series of spirit filled worship songs with renowned velvety voice. 

Intermittently, Pastor Okotie would pause to quote relevant verses in the Bible, as it relates to the present situations in Nigeria. 

It was obvious that the former Presidential candidate and interim government campaigner, truly and passionately love the country, even as he bemoaned the present political and socio-economic challenges bedeviling the country, which he blamed on the irresponsiveness of past and present leadership of Nigeria. 

And for the umpteenth time, he admonished the country to have a shift in leadership system and embrace the Aboriginal democracy. That much was further amplified with a short live drama performed by members of the church. The drama demonstrated the obvious fragmentation of the country, and the need to embrace a new system of governance, which they echoed as ‘government of the people, and for the people’.

Speaking in a special interview session with journalists, Okotie, reemphasised the needs to save Nigeria and of course, with a uniquely different system of government. 

“If we desire to break the yoke of servititude, we need an interim government, that would allow us get it right. If we desire to break the political monopoly; if we desire to break the economic monsony that has pauperised the nation; if we desire to break the monotony of vicious circle of leadership, then the only way forward, is that, which stands conspicuously before us.

“That is the interim government. Anything else  is tantamount to some mindless illogicality and clueless ineptitude,” he reiterated. 

Conclusively, and for added effects, he said, “Happy Independence Celebrations Nigeria.”

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