AdeJosh Returns with new single ”Temptation” Featuring Alana Maria

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By Our Reporter

AdeJosh is back with a powerful new single, ‘Temptation,’ featuring the soulful vocals of Alana Maria. Produced by the renowned ATG, this track is set to be another hit in their ongoing collaboration, showcasing their remarkable synergy and musical chemistry. ‘Temptation’ delves into the inner conflict of wanting to do what you know you shouldn’t. The song explores the duality of the mind, torn between the allure of what is bad yet feels good, urging listeners to confront their desires and make a choice. It’s not about ‘circling the block’ but about recognising the seductive nature of temptation and deciding whether to succumb or resist. The track features a slower tempo, blending beautiful melodies with unique drum patterns, creating an evocative and immersive listening experience. AdeJosh’s smooth vocals, paired with Alana Maria’s rich, soulful timbre, bring the emotional depth of the song to life, making it a standout piece in AdeJosh’s evolving musical catalog. AdeJosh is a prolific young talent who has worked with key players in the Afrobeats industry including Oxlade, Afro B, Oxlade, LAX, Mayorkun, Blaqbonez as well as UK rapper Swarmz. While his creative journey hasn’t been without obstacles, he continues to pursue his dreams relentlessly. With every new track, he aims to take his listeners on a feel-good journey and takes pride in his ability to write catchy hooks and bring a new edge to the Afrobeats sound. Alana’s impressive collaborations with renowned artists like Haile from Wstrn, Kranium, Cristale, Backroad Gee, and Midas the Jagaban have further solidified her reputation as a dynamic force in the music industry. These partnerships highlight her ability to innovate and transcend genres, bringing a fresh perspective to contemporary music. With a vibrant social media presence, Alana boasts 36k followers on TikTok and over 2 million likes. Her viral iPhone freestyles, which have garnered over 300k views, showcase her raw talent and engaging personality, making her a rising star to watch. Her charismatic online persona and authentic connection with her audience have built a loyal and growing fanbase. AdeJosh wanted to capture the essence of that internal struggle we all face, the push and pull of temptation, knowing what’s right but feeling drawn to what’s wrong. It’s a universal theme, and I think ‘Temptation’ will resonate with a lot of people.” ATG’s production expertise shines through in ‘Temptation,’ as he and AdeJosh once again create a musical masterpiece that pushes boundaries and captivates listeners. Their collaboration has consistently produced hits, and ‘Temptation’ is poised to continue that trend. ‘Temptation’ will be available on all major streaming platforms starting 5th July 2024.