Human rights lawyer tells terror victims, “I was once like you,” as US Teams end medical mission in Jos

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By Our Reporter

Victims of terror converged for a welfare check to wrap up a free US medical mission in Mangu, Plateau State this week.

US-based International human rights lawyer Emmanuel Ogebe who led one of the U.S. NGOs that conducted 30 free cataract surgeries for poor patients hosted terror victims from Adamawa, Yobe, Plateau and Benue states to mark the 28th anniversary of his abduction by Gen. Abacha’s regime.

“I was tortured in Aso presidential villa till I fainted then was taken to Aso Clinic for revival.

Recently I told someone who called me from prison that “the God who delivered me, relocated me abroad and blessed me with a family will do it for you”. God did exactly the same thing for them too!”

Boko Haram Victims in attendance included a widow whose husband and son were beheaded but she survived a slit throat in 2007, orphan daughter of a pastor beheaded on Christmas Day 2020, double amputee of Jos 2010 Christmas bombing and a pastor abducted in 2020.

A child who lost an entire family of father, mother and two siblings to the 2018 Barkin Ladi massacre by Fulani terrorists was also present.

The attendees were surprised to hear details of their mentor’s experience which was similar to theirs.

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