Mr Ibu’s wife accuses adopted daughter of manipulating funds donated for him

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Stella Maris, the spouse of the ailing actor John Okafor, widely known as Mr Ibu, has accused Jasmine, the actor’s adopted daughter, of taking over the funds allocated for his medical procedure.

In October, Mr Ibu appealed to the public for assistance in dealing with an undisclosed illness.

Despite undergoing seven surgeries, one of his legs was amputated last week.

However, on Monday, Stella Maris, in a post on her Instagram page, claimed that Jasmine had covertly assumed control of the bank account designated for donations.

Additionally, she responded to Jasmine’s assertion that she had received N1 million for personal use.

Stella Maris clarified, “The N1 million donation that I received was paid into my account in the presence of my husband to offset some bills at the home front. I don’t understand why Jasmine, a complete stranger, should be dragging me over my family matters.

“I don’t have access to the main Access Bank account where people make donations. It is secretly being controlled by Jasmine yet she is cooking up all kinds of lies against me in order to keep absolute control of that account. How she manipulated her way and took control of the account is a story for another day”.