No intention to commit suicide -DJ Kaywise

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Popular Disc Jockey, Ayorinde Kehinde Okiki aka DJ Kaywise, has asked the public to disregard speculations that he is planning to commit suicide.
DJ Kaywise, on Wednesday evening, sparked concerns among netizens as he shared a worrisome message.

The DJ in his post wrote: “I’ll end it all by 9 pm tonight, I did my best.”

However, hours after his initial post, the disc jockey said that he had no plan to commit suicide.

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He took out time to appreciate everyone who showed him love, having seen his cryptic statement as a suicide move.

DJ Kaywise in his after message said: “I hope this ends it all.

“The general public misinterpretation of my recent post as a sign of suicidal thoughts highlights the urgency of addressing these issues.

“It’s crucial for the public to disassociate my name from these misconceptions initially perpetuated by a malicious blog and I am glad I can rectify the false impressions that have been spreading over the year.Love Kaywise”.