False Solution in Pentecostal Churches

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By Prof. Nathan Protus Uzorma

Jesus had warned, “Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits…” Matt. 7:15, 16. Christ, the savior of the world only warned that men should beware because he knew the danger in receiving solution from such a prophet. When you visit such a prophet, you can receive a “solution” based on the degree and level of satanic consciousness such agent may be operating in the realm of darkness. But the facts still remain that each and every solution you receive from such a “prophet” must put you in bondage and manifest a greater problem for you in one way or the other.

It should be emphasized here however that the word “prophet” used by Christ in this connection include all agents of Satan who nevertheless may not operate with the title as prophet but may be called Healer, Master, Primate, Brama, Temple President, Malam, Sheikh, Guru, Lama, Swami, Premie, Alhaji, Pujari, Apostle, Pastor, Bishop and Evangelist to mention only a few.

The New Age movements/organizations are not left out of this advanced skill of demonic manipulation. It is consequent upon this that Satanic Sciences and scientists are on daily increase. They are been patronized by so many people in both secular and sacred sections of life.

Today in some American owned institutions, people enroll into higher institutions to study witchcraft as academic discipline. No wonder courses like Psychometry, Graphology, Parapsychology, Astrology, Palmistry, and other related occult cum esoteric sciences are studied to advance the mind negatively.

The daily lives of millions are being influenced by the horoscope, which is one of the ancient Babylonian pseudo-scientific black arts of astrology. Now being sold everywhere and suggested as ideal gifts for children and adults are such occult games as “Ouija”, “Clairvoyant”, ”Horoscope”, ESP, Mystic Eye, and Voodoo. As a result of the above, the public is now interested in occult articles and can easily purchase occult materials such as pendulum, tarot cards for telling fortunes, crystal balls, books on ESP party games involving mind reading, hypnosis and other related black arts.

Graphology, a form of fortunetelling through hand writing analysis is now being used by many business firms who regularly consult graphologists to analyze the handwriting of prospective employees in an attempt to read their character, personality and other traits, to enable them predict their potentiality and worth or lack of it. In recent times, the American CIA is said to have used handwriting analysis alone with other tests to dictate criminals.

In Nigeria today, as it is in most parts of the world, so many financial institutions/homes, banks, big finance companies, sales firms, manufacturers, etc do make use of graphologists and physiognomists to access the inner and outer quality of their prospective employees.

“Multitudes including businessmen, government and religious leaders, beset with problems, fearful and confused because of the present state of the world, and concerned about the future, are seeking help and information from fortunetellers and spiritualist mediums. Countless others have been subjected to the influences and deceptions of spiritualism, assuming everything supernatural is of God, and mistaking the power of darkness for the power of God.

The gullible are naively falling victim to the fallacious reasoning that since God can heal and perform miracles, then, every case of healing and everything that passes for a miracle must be from God. Since God has spoken through men by prophesy and revelation, then everyone who claims to have prophesy or revelation from God must be accepted as a prophet and seer”.

As a result of the above, psychic mediums and great clairvoyants are finding increasing acceptance from every quarter by the multitudes who are clamoring for their help and guidance through the operation of their alleged “gift of God.” Few weeks ago, a young Christian convert shared a very pathetic story and experience with me. He narrated how a “Man of God” he visited asked him to sow his smart phone as seed of faith, when he did, the man of God opened a particular bucket and dropped the phone inside it, according to the young man he saw to his astonishment more than 200 smart phones which people sowed as seed of faith that same day which the man of God in turn sales to phone dealers and make his money. The young man continued that what amazed him was the time the man of God laid his hands on him to pray for him. He instructed him to open his mouth which he did and the man of God spit saliva into his mouth and consequently urged him to swallow it which he did in turn; having been told that that is one of the ways anointing could be transmitted. What an abomination!

It could interest the reader to know that after the man of God spit into the mouth of the young Christian as means of solving his problems, a demonic object was introduced into his body, “since then, mighty snakes have not ceased kissing me in my dreams. I now live in total fear of not knowing what to do… I sometimes see snakes physically in my bedroom…” the young boy inferred.

The above story is exactly what I am talking about. How could someone who claims to be a man of God spit into someone else’s mouth to solve his problem after collecting his smart phone? We are presently living in a very crucial time though the delusion is not new because we are already in the last days where many are involved in one form of magical cum superstitious exercises in order to be healed or helped in one way or the other.

Yes, in these times of uncertainty and unrest-in an era of materialism when even the church has grown skeptical of the validity of supernatural for today, many are turning to the delusions of spiritism and spiritualism. Occultism and the black arts in general are experiencing phenomenal revival of interest, influencing more people today than ever. One leading university in America because of the great interest in the occult, few years ago offered among its courses of study one entitled, “Witch-craft, Magic and Sorcery”.

In some demonic organizations of today that are seen as Christian churches they make use of occult materials to advance wickedness in the name of God. Palmistry is also practiced in the name of God. False prophets are arising who give accurate predictions concerning historical events thereby deceiving many. Today we have many prophets that can see clearly with the help of satanic powers but cannot solve any problem. It is amazing that some prophets could call one’s telephone numbers correctly, give details of one’s history, some go to the extent of mentioning account numbers and telling you how much that is in the account. All these are done to make you trust and believe them. Seducing spirits speaking through false prophets and teaches are leading many astray.

Psychics and occultist who claim their gift is from God are deluding many including some professing Christians and ministers of God, top religious leaders who naively accept everything supernatural as divine, oblivious of the fact that Satan also can perform great signs and wonders have enslaved themselves.

The bible is very clear in all these because Christ during his time met with many false teachers too. Even after his ascension the apostles met with many false teachers, masters, gurus and fake apostles too. But it is a natural law in the realm of the spirit and in the physical world as well that the strong must overcome the weak, the divine has always prevailed against the wicked forces of darkness.