My job as Nigeria’s chief law officer most challenging – Malami

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Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, SAN, says his job as the chief law officer of the federation is the most challenging endeavour of his professional career.

Mr Malami made the assertion at the launch and public presentation of his autobiography on Thursday in Abuja. The book is titled “Traversing The Thorny Terrain of Nigeria’s Justice Sector: My Travails and Triumphs”.

He said his task as AGF is difficult “Not because it is daunting or difficult to be effectively performed but because of the misconception of the public and ignorant conflict between public and private interests on what the office of the Attorney-General of the federation is constitutionally empowered to do.”

Part of the responsibilities of the Attorney General of the Federation, Mr Malami said, is that of being a legal adviser to the government, all the ministries, departments and government agencies.

“He is also the first person to be contacted and the first person to be blamed regardless of where the mistake was made,” he explained.

Mr Malami noted that the occupant of the office suffers a downplay of his/her efforts, while mistakes are more acknowledged and blown out of proportion.

He said that he encountered many thorny terrains but the Almighty helped him to also triumph.

“This is regardless of where the source of the mistake, mischief or negligence emanates from.

“Most of the criticisms levelled against the office are misinformed and misguided due to the linear approach to analysing the issues.

“They forget that as the AG and minister of justice, you are to take consistent decisions that will be in line with underlying principles of law.

“Of course, with the wider interest over and above private as well as individual interests, that is the true definition of impartiality as is needed to efficiently perform his duties”.

He said the autobiography was intended to present an objective account of his stewardship that will be accessible to the public.

“My autobiography is an enjoyable reflection of my life history, educational pursuit, professional practice, public career and sojourn in politics.

“Personally, the desire to serve the country and improve the administration of law and justice has never been stronger than when I served in the exalted office for the past eight years.

“I have in my capacity played my role and contributed majorly in improving the laws and in the distribution of justice in the socio-economic development of the nation, and enhancing its security”.

Mr Malami expressed delight over the presence of the people who honoured the book launch and presentation.

“I express gratitude to God for being the longest-serving attorney general of the federation which I refer to as a golden opportunity and greatest achievement.

Those at the book launch included Governor Abubakar Bagudu, members of the National Assembly and Director General of the NIA, the chairmen of EFCC, IPC, ICPC, Code of Conduct Bureau, current and former ministers and the Emir of Kano, Aminu Bayero.