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My wife is fetish, fights and threatens me with charms, man tells court

An Ado-Ekiti Customary Court on Thursday, dissolved a 23-year-old marriage between Isiaka Odeyemi and his wife, Feyisola Olapeju.

The marriage was dissolved on grounds of incessant fighting deeply rooted in fetish, threats with charms and no rest of mind by the wife.

Mr Odeyemi said that his wife was occultic and deeply rooted in fetish practices.

He alleged that his wife worshipped things with alcohol and kola nuts, which he did not support.

According to him, his wife killed her first child and the two children she had for him are not doing well.

The father of two said that he suspected that the children were into internet fraud popularly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’.

He alleged that his wife does not give him rest of mind, saying that she was fond of fighting with him.

Mr Odeyemi said he fought with his wife on an occasion and asked her to pack her belongings, but the children threatened that he must not send their mother away.

The complainant prayed the court to separate them.

They are blessed with two children namely; Femi Odeyemi (22) male and Taye Odeyemi (19) male.

The respondent said that the complainant was her husband and she agreed to marry him and have their first child in Abeokuta, saying he was the one that asked her to come back to Ado-Ekiti.

Ms Feyisayo said when she came back; they jointly built a two bedroom flat.

She said her husband was in support of her religion, saying he took her to Ifa temple in the morning and came back to pick her up in the evening.

She said that she was told to worship Ifa, which her husband also participated in the worship too, saying they used to worship Ifa together in her room.

Ms Feyisola said when her husband started complaining about the Ifa issue, she returned it to the owner, who told her to worship it.

She said that she gave her husband peace in the house, but when she greets him, he will not answer her.

She denied that her children are into internet fraud, but said that they are doing fine.

The respondent said that she did not have relatives in Ado-Ekiti and had been begging the complainant because she wants both of them to train the children together.

The President of the Court, Foluke Oyeleye, observed that the marriage had broken down irretrievably, consequently dissolved the marriage.

Ms Oyeleye ordered that both the complainant and respondent  are free to do as they please, because the court could not separate what was not in existence.

She ruled that though the parties had been cohabiting for 23 years, all the requirements of a valid marriage were absent in this relationship.

The judge said there was no marriage between the parties and they were free to go their separate ways. (NAN)

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