23-year-old twins electrocuted during hurricane in US

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A 23-year-old man, Khalil Sapp and his twin sister Kianna were electrocuted and confirmed dead while travelling under Hurricane Nicole in a suburb of Conway, Florida, US.

The tragic incident happened on Thursday morning when they made contact with a fallen power line in the midst of the hurricane, according to reports.

DailyMail said, both were in the car, with Kianna’s one-year-old daughter, Mylah, but the brother alight from the car to remove a cable on the road.

He was electrocuted immediately when he touched the cable and was confirmed dead. Unfortunately, his sister hurriedly exited the car and went to save him but was electrocuted too. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office told reporters about the incident adding that Mylah was found in the car unhurt.

A witness Kimberly Neff told the station that Khalil’s body was literally on fire by the time paramedics were able to get to him.

Sheriff’s Office cautioned people on the use of the public roads when they saw live cable after the incident.