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2023: Okotie’s Challenge To Presidential Candidates

By Ladi Ayodeji

All the Presidential candidates in the 2023 election have been asked to present to the electorate, their plans on how they intend to restructure the country and ensure national stability.
Rev Chris Okotie,arrow head of the current campaign to restructure Nigeria, threw the challenge in his latest public statement, according to his spokesman, Ladi Ayodeji.
‘Okotie asked Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu of the APC, Atiku Abubakar, PDP, Peter Obi, Labour party and the others, to present detailed, workable plan on how to restructure the federation if elected in 2023,as this is Nigeria’s biggest ‘problem, according to Ayodeji.
The Reverend noted that all the the three leading candidates have said,at different times, that they believe in restructuring without presenting any elaborate plan on how they would do it.
The Reverend argued that no incumbent president would be able to restructure Nigeria because he would be encumbered by certain fundamental problems that had prevented previous and current leaders from tinkering with the structure of the federation.
‘The best any sitting president could do is to make cosmetic proposals like devolution of power, revenue allocation,state police, which would be frustrated at implementation stages,as we have seen over and over again.
‘That is why I am canvassing for the setting up of an interim government, which is not beholden to any sectional interest to undertake this crucial task in a neutral, holistic manner,’ according to Okotie.
He said,his recommendation of Aboriginal Democracy,is predicated on the realistic solutions it offers,in an all inclusive, fundamental manner which addresses all known sentiments and sensibilities,in the Nigerian question.
Okotie insists that we cannot expect to task the patience of Nigerians any longer with another expensive transition that may only bring about change in governance style, without creating the structures that would end terrorism, banditry, secessionist agitations and the relentless economic crisis plaguing the nation.

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