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By Prof. Protus Nathan Uzorma

Certain things must be said the way they ought to be said, I am most greatful to God for his wisdom in dealing with things within and without,. While appreciating the divine in this connection, I wish to remind my numerous readers once more that I am still a Philosopher, The Reformer and a researcher in the field of sacred mysteries. I am not a prophet, Rev. Pastor, Apostle, Evangelist, Bishop etc; in fact, I do not exist and I know nothing. Yes, I am nothing than what I am. For the sake of emphasis however, I do not exist only God does. I have done nothing only God performs all things through me. However, what many of my readers are enjoying now is but an infinitesimal part of the great ahead.
 Trusting God with knowledge and for the best is more rewarding than living without faith. The same is like a voyager travelling westward for pleasure trip. The good Lord shall continue to use your confidence in divine knowledge to do great things in the life of humanity directly or indirectly.
I wish to state here that the exposition in this column is not designed to keep us in fear but to awaken us in order to be careful because we are in a big spiritual battle with the kingdom of darkness. One’s ignorance in this context does not truly make any sense. There are many reasons behind why many people suffer in the world of man. Some problems are caused by contact point between man and some demonic elements; few could be as a result of ‘reincarnational’ foundation, few could be by destiny. Agents of darkness could monitor a family in order to perpetually keep the family in serious demonic manipulation.
I may be misunderstood here following our common but uncanny and eerie Christian credo and creed. To be controlled by creed is good but not at the expense of your moral freedom. Some Christians do not know that what they ignore may be responsible for their woes, as a result when they pray and ask God for spiritual assistance, they ought to investigate themselves in line with their destiny both before and now. The sin of before can lead to the sufferings of now, the human shadow is like the identity of mentally induced religious creed. Salvation comes first only if you can avoid being guided by blind spiritual leader. To be regulated by this kind of creed is like accepting a favour from the wind.
The truth is that humanity has gone far beyond tracing their root to reality. Falsehood and vain creed has taken over our streets as the “Area Boys Theology” bereft of any iota of true spirituality is on the increase. This has devalued and depilated our morals and has assisted in the acceleration of our problems and sufferings. The demonic kingdom is perfectly organized and such organization is leading to serious but perfect destruction. By so doing, they organize their schemes in such a way that each demonic weapon becomes a major point of contact to devastate and wreck havoc. Some of his nefarious activities and dexterities I have exposed in my numerous books, articles and other social means of communication, and I am very happy to inform you that many have been set free hitherto. 
In trying to mislead humanity via calculated and organize creed, the orthodox thinker as well as the modern believer congratulate themselves in conflicts by denying to cast the beams out of their own eyes this has created serious mental darkness leading to creation of devils on weekly basis. This has become the daily pestilence that flies in the day within the doors of our modern creed which on the other hand is responsible for the daily invocation of the sins that daily beset us. In the words of St. Paul, “…let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us and let us run with patience the race that is set before us…” Heb.12:1. This is the basis for spiritual soaring to final freedom.
Humanity must avoid the shoals of a sensual and speculative religion, the kind that holds the form of godliness but denies the power. Yes, we must endeavour within our divinely given ability to advance the epoch of truth by progressing in the harmony that exist between the Bible and its spiritual apprehension. This is because when human theories and creed are weighed in the spiritual scale of divine reality they must be found wanting as the angels disappear at the announcement of falsehood. 
Consequent upon the claim that our creed knows all things including how to expel evil and enthrone love is a missing link. The knowledge on how to eschew evil and consequently cast it out has become ‘the evil’ that’s eventually haunting us. Separation of evil from good has become the image that struggles for survival within the camouflage of concealed truth; this has in turn bemused many clergymen. The response of Christ “…Get thee behind me Satan…” as recorded in Luke 4:8, when he was offered the opulence of the material world by Satan, has become our modern consolation.
Salvation is free but the maintenance is very expensive. To receive prayer is free but to sustain it is expensive. You must guide yourself against any free gift that comes from man. God can give freely but sometimes he takes from your previous account to refill your present one. However, the price of sacrificing his begotten Son which gives us the freedom we have did not come free of charge. Inside the sacrifice lies many things and none is free yet everything is free. He gives spiritual gifts free and if you misuse it, you pay for it. His death is the highest form of sacrifice that is unquantifiable; though Christ Himself benefitted more from the sacrifice.
The Bible says, “Neither did we eat any man’s bread for nought…” 2 Thess.3:8. To eat anyone’s food for nought is an overdraft which you must pay. Ignoring the payment may lead to the reason why you are suffering. Eating together is one of the ways of sharing problems together. Whenever you eat anyone’s food, you are sharing from the karmic reactions made manifest in the person’s past, present and future life. Whoever cooks your meal is consciously in charge of your mood and to a large extent your success. Eating with someone from the same plate and drinking from the same cup is a channel through which higher versions of the inner identity of the persons involved interact and destinies exchanged and shared.
The above may be regarded as false teachings by few religious leaders who are bereft of proper knowledge of the workings of higher spirits. I am saying this because the way you relate to others certainly will determine how far you can go in life.
The Bible says, “But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery. Even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world to our glory…” 1 Corinth 2:7. Humanity may not be aware of the reason behind why the supreme God is interested in concealing things for us to dig them out. This is part of the hidden revelations that will certainly set us free upon getting the information.
Now, the person cooking your food or your chef can impregnate your body system via her aura. If he is possessed by a demon, by the time you eat the food the demons responsible for his failure and suffering is planted or infused into your body system and manipulation can begin. What you are, you give and what you have you give out too. The possibility of contamination is common if you are not strong in divine creed of the messiah. A young lady said to me some months ago that her younger sister that visited her had the opportunity of cooking for them for two days she spent with them and within which period the property her husband has received half payment for was denied of them and the half payment was consequently retrieved.
The situation made her worried as she also narrated her experience in her office when she was to be promoted and that same sister of hers visited her and passed the night with them and that brought to the end of her promotion. When she narrated this I told her that her sister is innocent of all that she was experiencing but that the spirit of her sister was responsible. People play host to the spirit of lack and poverty without their knowledge. Let me at this point warn that you must be careful who you bring around your house. If you play host to the spirit of lack or that of sickness, what do you expect? The Bible says in Ephesians 4:27 “Give no room for the devil…” It’s obvious today that many people have died without intending to; the reason is that if you associate with the spirit of death, you should not expect to live except by miracle. Nothing happens to anyone without the person attracting it to himself.
People come from different spiritual locations and their consciousness must protect and defend their spiritual “Local Government Area” of origin. For instance, if someone comes from the region of “bad luck and lack,” the person will share it with whosoever she comes in contact with. If you summit yourself to such a person as your master, unless God intervenes miraculously you will remain a beggar all through your physical life on earth. The Bible says, “Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servant ye are to whom ye obey…”Any spirit you welcome into your house will determine your experience here.  
 If a cursed person visits you, or cooks for you or exchanges cloth with you, at the same time you share the greater portion of his or her problem with you. This has nothing to do with whether it’s your portion or not. Certain people receive certain blessings by association so also one can receive certain problems by any form of contact point or association. Who is your friend? The person you are relating with, who is he or she? Who is your wife or husband? I have engaged myself in some discussions with some people who have always claimed that whenever a business opportunity is presented and about getting to its materialization, if they share the news with either their wives of husbands such opportunity will vanish and die a natural death. Do you know why this happens from time to time to some people? The answer is simple they are from different regions and are not in agreement to receive blessings. The Bible says, “Can two walk together except they be agreed?” Amos3:3. This agreement is beyond the physical please take note!
Let me inform you that a mother may give birth to two sons from the same father but they are two enemies and two manner of nations. Have you not seen a situation where only two sons born into one family relates like dog and cat? The reason is very simple; they are of the same parents here on earth but are of different parents and of different regions in spiritual world. Like the case of Rebecca in the Bible. The Lord said to her, “And the Lord said unto her, two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels…Gen. 25:23. Yes, through Rebecca, two manner of nations were symbolized, the black and the white race. Though before this time, blacks and the whites have been in existence for years but God used the birth of Esau and Jacob to portray the position of the major human race in creation. I shall later come to this and inform my generation on why the messiah will come back to the earth via the nation of Edom- the Black race.
If you read the Bible you will agree with me that there’s no place in the Bible that it was said that God blessed Lot. No, but Lot’s association with Abraham brought about his blessings which informs why one must be careful who he or she associates with.             

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