Nigerians want Peter Obi, they have rejected APC, PDP – Gov Obaseki

By Ihechi Enyinnaya

Edo state Governor Gius Obaseki has lamented that Nigerians are rejecting the two leading political parties, the A.l Progressive Congress(APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP). In a meeting of PDP chieftains in the fa..out of the Ekiti elections Obaseki zaid: “PDP couldnt win the election in Ekiti, no even number two. So you can see that there is something wrong going on. And we don’t want this trend to continue. The future of our politics in this country is changing. I don’t know if you are closely watching what is going on.
“The level of disenchantment with the existing g parties. I am sure in all our homes here, we have so many people now who call themselves ‘OBIdients’. I don’t know whether you have them in your houses. Ask them which party are you they say ‘OBIdient’.
” They don’t want us, they are not looking for APC or PDP. They want alternatives. And they are much much more, You see all of them queing for PVCs now. They are not looking the direction of APC or PDP. If we don’t curb thus, if we don’t make our party attractive, I don’t know what will happen in the next elections.”

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