Netflix invites Nigerians to scriptwriting programme

Realness Institute in partnership with Netflix, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, says it is supporting screenwriters and mid-career industry professionals from Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya to develop their original story ideas.

According to it, this is through its 2022 Episodic Lab and Development Executive Traineeship (DET) programmes.

The support cuts across all genres and is also for screenwriters and mid-career industry professionals looking to enhance their skills as story consultants.

Also, millions of talented and creative Africans, the Episodic Lab, will have the opportunity to pitch their incubated stories to Netflix executives at the end of the programme.

“The programme will also offer DET participants a deeper understanding of the story development process and exposure to a more nuanced approach in the support of writers,” said the institute on Friday. “Whilst simultaneously holding writers accountable for their creative work, DET participants will work alongside creative producers and story experts in the development of their concepts and series pitch decks. They will also engage with international and local guest speakers every week for the duration of the programme.” 

“What we have witnessed from the first lab and traineeship is that there is a deep desire for Africans to create their own narratives. This bodes well for a growing audience based in Africa and abroad. We are so pleased to be a major player in lighting the fire of our amazing continental creatives,” Mehret Mandefro, Director of Development and Partnerships, Realness Institute, commented. “Also, to hear from last year’s participants how they have been able to transplant everything they learnt in the incubator into their current work and other projects, as well as the impact we had in their lives and creative process.”

According to the statement, the institute will give each participant a monthly stipend of $2,000 during the incubation period.

The period will take place online from May 1, 2021, to July 31, 2022, and the stipend covers living expenses as they focus on their concept development while being mentored.

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