Medical doctor accuses colleague of snatching his wife

By Our Reporter

A Facebook user, Anthony Chijioke who claims to be a medical doctor, has called out his colleague, Dr. Ozuzu George Davidson For having a carnal knowledge of his wife.

According to Anthony Chijioke, his colleague Dr. Ozuzu George Davidson, also called Major, has been a friend with his wife as they both were classmates and teammates for eight years.
14178455 Img20210907173957 Jpeg0c2a924d5780dcb1c9e3fa4ef11c52c9 🔵Chijioke kissing his wife when things were okay
14178454 Img20210907173904 Jpeg096ee883243571ed030f57764d28ed9e 🔵His friend kissing the wife after taking over

Chijioke claimed that Dr. Davidson invited his wife from the United States of America to Abuja where he slept with her for weeks.

Chijioke stated that the accused claimed he slept with his wife because they were not legally married.

Chijioke, while posting photos from his court wedding and marriage certificate, called on the Senate of the University of Port-Harcourt to take a disciplinary action against his colleague.

He wrote;

You are talking about BOMA who never knew TEGA’S HUSBAND FROM ADAM, what about Dr. George Davidson Ozuzu also called MAJOR who invited his friend, classmate and Teammate of 8years Wife and slept with her? Not Girlfriend ooooo, Wife for that matter. He invited her from the United States and then messed with her in Abuja, in the company of his friends roommate and another friend and classmate of almost 8years. The Young Doctor never kill himself. And nobody don evict Major, it’s only the MDCN he is waiting on to take ACTION on him as they both TOOK THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH where YOUR COLLEAGUE IS SUPPOSED TO BE YOUR BROTHER.
Dr. George Ozuzu Davidson is a graduate of Uniport and a citizen of Mbaitolu in IMO STATE, mother hails from Abia. That guy should be dealt with, with the same energy the people have used to bring BOMA DOWN. I also calll on University of PORTHARCOURT to review his certificate. Nobody trained as a Doctor should behave this way. It should serve as a lesson to others. University of PORTHARCOURT never Trained us in Learning but also in Character. I will be reporting to the SENATE OF UNIVERSITY OF PORTHARCOURT TO TAKE THE NECESSARY DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS BEFORE THIS DOCTOR BRING AN INTERNATIONAL DISGRACE ON OUR UNIQUE UNIPORT. MDCN and University of PORTHARCOURT, it’s up to You.

Meanwhile, the ‘snatched’ wife of Dr Anthony has this to say:

According to her, she left Dr. Anthony because he was abusive. She said she started seeing Dr. George about 6 months after leaving Dr Anthony Chijioke.

Also, when she tried to file for divorce she found out that their marriage is not legal. She said she still supports Dr Anthony’s parents financially.

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