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No one loves been considered a “nobody”. We love been acknowledged, respected and celebrated. In us is the often trigger that conditions us towards creating the spectacular personality even when we are not there yet. Some persons assume the big position they would love to live in the present. They claim holding portfolios when indeed they are far away from their dreams. These persons claim faith.
Some others refuse to talk about the future accepting the status quo and pushing further with the big picture in mind. The next group does not have a picture in mind; they accept anything that comes. Whatever class you find yourself, you can truly be out somewhere.

Surprises fills the classroom of life that sometimes, it is not always, what we assume it would be.
Take your mind back to when you were a student or if you are still a student, this exercise is still worthwhile. There are students in your class everyone assumed would never do well maybe because of one disability or the other. These students though beat people’s imagination and find their way up the ladder of the class.
Let us take the music and movie industries for example. You must have noticed that most of our celebrated musical and movie stars had challenging backgrounds. They had to hustle and get through all the hassles. Perhaps if you had seen them some years back, you would have written them off as unpromising.
When you listen to a good song, you say wow, who sang this? The musician gets an award and soon goes multiplatinum and his story becomes the perfect grass to grace story.
You may be thinking how you should be the next celebrated genius and you have not gotten there yet. Wait! Let us think. Those who make surprise success never had it on a platter. They had put insidious years in rags unknown to become the celebrated icons they are now. They never slept on the bed of frailty and weakness. They strived hard with all diligence.
Some person might have labeled you worthless and unproductive and you seem dazed by your circumstance. Congratulations, you just had the best gift, a grass storyline. It is a story line, which can change scenes once you choose to act some better scene.
Speak to yourself. Tell the man inside “now I am moving into Grace” and work towards it with zest and tenacity of purpose trusting God to help you.
If you are in doubt of the possibilities you have, go check the list of the top fifty richest men. Most of them were worse than you are now.
Rather than sit down, your hands at akimbo thinking about, who the next big thing will be, what the next big thing will be doing and where it will be happening, you can determine the “who, what and where”.
Your big dream is not impossible. Your small business can be the next Wal-Mart, your small newspaper can be the next New York Times, and your out of place idea can be the rallying point for the next big thing.
Whinstone Churchill the renowned British war veteran and former prime minister of Great Britain had strived to become the prime minister when he was much younger around his forties. He failed because his contemporaries considered his ideas too tough. He kept trying but later gave up retiring from the House of Commons. When the war broke out against Hitler’s German Nazi, Churchill vehemently stood for the policy to fight until the last even when it seemed Great Britain was gone. This was against the opinion of the MPs who desired the on sit prime minister to make a truce with Hitler.
When the war seemed to have prolonged and the prime minister saw he was helpless, he left the seat vacant. He had considered himself a failure. The quest to have a new prime minister began and it was now tough. The royal house did not want to lose the right to their territory. They thought of who would fit the bill. Just then, they remembered the man whose opinion was for the British to stand and fight. Churchill was way past seventy when he became the surprise prime minister.
Out of nowhere, Churchill’s irrelevant ideas became the rallying point for one of history’s greatest comeback.
Where you are now is irrelevant. If you stick to your belief, it is only a matter of time before it gets the right ears and opportunity. You may seem in the dark now but know this that you can be the next celebrity with an “out of nowhere” story.

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